Power Washing Before Exterior Painting


Power Wash That House

Painting the outside of your home can be a big job, and requires that you take extra measures to ensure the property is properly prepared prior to painting.  As big of a job as painting can be, the harder part typically comes down to surface preparation prior to painting.  Pressure washing the outside of your home is the best way to clean your home’s exterior.  We consulted with Zach from HotShot Pressure Washing regarding the best way to pressure wash the exterior of a home.  Although Zach mostly does commercial pressure washing in Houston, he also does some residential work from time-to-time.


Brush Cleaning Tips

Paint Brushes

Yeah so this is weird

Ok so this is getting a little strange.  I keep getting these calls for striping a parking lot.  This time I received a call for Arrow Parking Lot Striping Houston.   I must be showing up somewhere for searches about parking lots.  I know my blog is all about painting, but there is a difference in painting a house and painting a parking lot.  Lol   I just have to chuckle.

So with that out of the way, let me give you a few tips on how to clean your brushes after you have been painting on your house…not your parking lot.


Don’t Fall In Love Too Fast With That Potential Home

house paint

The Hunt For The Perfect Home

If you have been house hunting for any length of time you know how easy it can be to fall in love with every home you look at in one day. Beautiful decorating, bright new paint job on the inside and out, shiny granite counter tops, beautiful hardwood floors are all things that can easily persuade us to fall in love with a home at first site. It happens to all of use. We are excited, and ready to make the move to a new home, but taking time to slow down and get to know the home inside and out is to your advantage.  Just because a home has a nice paint job, does not mean that it is the perfect home.  There can be a lot going on behind the scenes that are simply masked by the nice paint job.

We all know that looks can be deceiving and understanding what goes on underneath or in the background is typically what we need to be paying attention to with most things in life. The same goes for your home. Understanding the health of the structure will save you tons of money and heartache in the long run. I will tell you to be prepared for some heartbreak along the journey of your house hunt because you will find many homes that are simply deceiving.  Finding good Dallas Home Inspectors can be hard unless you know where to look.


All Painters Are Not Created Equal

parking lot

A Strange Call

Today I received a nice chuckle from a phone call that came in earlier this morning.  The caller on the other end wanted to know if I would be able to paint the stripes on her parking lot.  Whoa, that was a new one for me.  I have been asked to paint a lot of things but never have I been asked to do parking lot striping.   As much as I would have loved to take the job, I just can’t see myself out with a paint and roller trying to paint the strips on a parking lot.

Yes of course I know there are companies specifically for this task.  They have special machines, and special paint that is used for the job.   The equipment and paint I have access to is strictly for home use and not for outside in a parking lot.  I explained this to the lady calling and she was shocked to hear and had no idea.  I think the strips on a parking lot are something you just really do not think much about, and when it came time to repaint hers, she had no idea where to turn.  So she made a good call, just the wrong call.


Tips for Painting Like a Pro

paint brushes

Paint Like A Pro Even When You Are Not One

Weekend warriors, heed the warning that tackling the painting job in your home is a task you can easily do, however, you may end up regretting it in the long run if you don’t take a little time to learn a few easy tips and tricks.   There is no reason you cant soon be painting like a pro.

We all know that applying a fresh coat of paint will easily brighten up any room in your home.  However, more often than not, people find out the hard way that their easy project can turn into a disaster or at least a lot of questioning yourself as to why you chose to do the project in the first place.  It all starts with the small splatter of paint on the floor, or the never ending coats of paint that you didn’t anticipate.    Plan ahead and save yourself some real headaches if you decide to do this work yourself.   Actually if you want to really save the headache, simply hire a professional to come out and do the work for you.  Wait that would not be fun for the weekend warrior now would it?


Home Painting Considerations For the Do It Yourselfer

The DIYer

Every homeowner wants his or her house to reflect their unique tastes and personality. You may have been thinking of repainting the walls with new colors or changing the color of your front door. A new paint job can definitely help to brighten up a room and add style to your interior décor. However, this can be a challenge for the amateur decorator and someone newly settled may not know what they’re looking for with the exception of color.

Here’s some thing you need to consider when painting your house.
Weather Conditions

reaching in the rainThis may sound obvious, but if you’re painting outside, try to choose a time when the weather is pleasant. Low humidity and dry conditions are ideal for paint to be able to adhere to surfaces and dry. Unless you want your hard work and effort to go to waste, it would be wise to consult the weather report for future reference.

Even if you are preparing for an inside paint job, making sure you are painting on low humidity days is best.   You do want your job to turn out looking it’s best, so painting during optimal conditions will help to ensure your greater success.


Color Me Lime Green

color swatches

The magic of lime green

The effect of lime green paint on a house’s or office interior is almost indescribable. It gives a combination of vivacity and tranquility, something that is difficult to achieve using typical paint colors. If you want a paint choice that will emit emotions of warmth and happiness yet still have a tone of subtlety and calmness then lime green is definitely the answer.

The other property of lime green that makes it ideal for interior painting is its natural feel. The color has a semblance of nature which helps you and your family members or guests relax. It’s easy to understand its feel of nature given that it’s the color of lime (from which the name stems) and also some fruits and vegetables such as guavas and celery. The natural and relaxing feel provided by this paint color is certainly ideal for unwinding after a hard day out or just taking a Saturday afternoon rest.


Painting On the Cheap…Not Such a Great Idea

house trim

Are you trying to cut expenses?

Painting only the exterior trim of your home can be thought of as a way to cut costs, rather than completely painting all exterior surfaces, but a few things to consider from a painting contractor point of view.

Most of us look to save where we can, especially in this day and economic condition. House painting is no different, when it comes to saving money. A home exterior weathers from harsh elements of heat, cold, sun, and snow, and exterior paint ages over time needing repainting. Exterior trim, being that of solid wood is normally the first to show signs of painting maintenance. Many times a homeowner happens to call, asking for only painting the trim. Trim paint jobs sound good at first, but have some underlying thoughts may have not been considered.


Interior and Exterior Painting Pros

Does Your Home Need A  Fresh Coat of Paint?

We all know that being a home owner comes with it’s ups and downs.   We all love the pride of home ownership, but typically hate the fact that ongoing maintenance is part of owning a home.  We understand the woes, and would love to help you out by taking the sting out of having to do some of these chores yourself.

We love painting, and have made a career out of keeping the town beautiful by painting one home at a time.  We would love to work with you on your next project.  We pride ourselves on having the best competitive pricing in town.  We will beat anyone else’s pricing so that we can service you and your family.   Not only do we have the best pricing, but we also have the best customer service in the business as well.