Brush Cleaning Tips

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Yeah so this is weird

Ok so this is getting a little strange.  I keep getting these calls for striping a parking lot.  This time I received a call for Arrow Parking Lot Striping Houston.   I must be showing up somewhere for searches about parking lots.  I know my blog is all about painting, but there is a difference in painting a house and painting a parking lot.  Lol   I just have to chuckle.

So with that out of the way, let me give you a few tips on how to clean your brushes after you have been painting on your house…not your parking lot.


Don’t Fall In Love Too Fast With That Potential Home

house paint

The Hunt For The Perfect Home

If you have been house hunting for any length of time you know how easy it can be to fall in love with every home you look at in one day. Beautiful decorating, bright new paint job on the inside and out, shiny granite counter tops, beautiful hardwood floors are all things that can easily persuade us to fall in love with a home at first site. It happens to all of use. We are excited, and ready to make the move to a new home, but taking time to slow down and get to know the home inside and out is to your advantage.  Just because a home has a nice paint job, does not mean that it is the perfect home.  There can be a lot going on behind the scenes that are simply masked by the nice paint job.

We all know that looks can be deceiving and understanding what goes on underneath or in the background is typically what we need to be paying attention to with most things in life. The same goes for your home. Understanding the health of the structure will save you tons of money and heartache in the long run. I will tell you to be prepared for some heartbreak along the journey of your house hunt because you will find many homes that are simply deceiving.  Finding good Dallas Home Inspectors can be hard unless you know where to look.