Color Me Lime Green

The magic of lime green

The effect of lime green paint on a house’s or office interior is almost indescribable. It gives a combination of vivacity and tranquility, something that is difficult to achieve using typical paint colors. If you want a paint choice that will emit emotions of warmth and happiness yet still have a tone of subtlety and calmness then lime green is definitely the answer.

The other property of lime green that makes it ideal for interior painting is its natural feel. The color has a semblance of nature which helps you and your family members or guests relax. It’s easy to understand its feel of nature given that it’s the color of lime (from which the name stems) and also some fruits and vegetables such as guavas and celery. The natural and relaxing feel provided by this paint color is certainly ideal for unwinding after a hard day out or just taking a Saturday afternoon rest.

Lime green color also helps to give a room a tidy appearance. It’s a bright and neat looking color that can turn even the dullest looking of rooms into a neat and charming place in an instant. With this choice of wall paint color, anyone who enters your house for the first time is likely to get the impression that it is neat and well kept.


You can’t talk about the appeal and suitability of lime green paint without mentioning the issue of space. This paint falls within the range of paint colors which add a touch of spaciousness to a room. Similar colors include white, sky blue, and lavender among others. It must be the effect they have on the eyes when light is reflected from them that produces the spacious look. It’s likely that they’ve an effect on the wavelength of the reflected light.

Other benefits of lime green interior paint

green officeThe lime color isn’t just in vogue for no apparent reason, it offers a lot more besides the aforementioned benefits. One of the things about this color choice is that it can help make your walls the focal point of the room. This doesn’t apply to walls only, any surface painted in this color such as the floor or cabinet doors can serve as your room’s focal point. Use of paint to create a focal point is a wonderful and creative way to divert from the normal practice of using furniture to act as a room’s center piece. Painting your room this color can help cover for you in case you have scanty furniture or less appealing ones.

In addition to everything, lime green paint is an ideal way to give your room a unique and exotic feel. It is a newly emerging paint color that many people haven’t yet had much experience with.

Accenting the color

If you’ve decided on painting your house lime green, you can use colors such as white, lilac, and peach as accent colors. These colors blend in well with lime.

Try the lime green color on your interior today and get to have a whole new experience.

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