Home Painting Considerations For the Do It Yourselfer

The DIYer

Every homeowner wants his or her house to reflect their unique tastes and personality. You may have been thinking of repainting the walls with new colors or changing the color of your front door. A new paint job can definitely help to brighten up a room and add style to your interior décor. However, this can be a challenge for the amateur decorator and someone newly settled may not know what they’re looking for with the exception of color.

Here’s some thing you need to consider when painting your house.
Weather Conditions

reaching in the rainThis may sound obvious, but if you’re painting outside, try to choose a time when the weather is pleasant. Low humidity and dry conditions are ideal for paint to be able to adhere to surfaces and dry. Unless you want your hard work and effort to go to waste, it would be wise to consult the weather report for future reference.

Even if you are preparing for an inside paint job, making sure you are painting on low humidity days is best.   You do want your job to turn out looking it’s best, so painting during optimal conditions will help to ensure your greater success.

You Get What You Pay For

When choosing paint, it can be to your advantage to shell out a few extra bucks to make sure you’re getting a quality product. Better paint quality means less repainting over the years and the colors offer greater coverage to your surfaces. Cheaper cans of paint may look enticing based on price, but prepare to have some flaking, and peeling of the paint in the near future.

Just as with anything, if you purchase a higher quality product it will last longer and look better than if you try to take the shortcut to save a few pennies.   Protect your investment by investing in the better quality product.   Do your homework though because you may find that higher prices do not always indicate higher quality.  Make sure you know what you are purchasing so you get the best quality available.
Paint Finishes

Different paints have different finishes.

Some have a smooth and matte finish, others look more dewy and shiny. Whether you choose paints that end up being shiny, eggshell pigmented, or smooth, you should consider your needs. Glossy finishes are durable against touching and scraping if you have little ones or roommates, but if you have a nick or lumps on your walls the light’s reflection on the paint will make them be more visible. In this case you might want to opt for a matte finish. This will make your wall’s imperfections less noticeable.
Colors Set The Mood

Different colors can create different feelings and emotions for an entire room. For example blue is known to be a relaxing color that can ease the tension in a room. Yellow is a bright vivid color that can lighten up any room and promote energy and well being. Red can be a perfect addition to a bedroom especially if you’re sharing the room with a special someone. Red is a hue which can ignite passionate feelings in those that are surrounded by it. Don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone, and add a splash of color to your walls.



There’s no need to get obtain each can of paint and try each one on your wall only to find that it is not a good match or as great as you thought it would be. You can purchase sample pints and take them home to try them out on your home. This way you can see how it would look on a moderately big space and keep your money in your pocket.

You can also take advantage of color swatches, or even a computer rendition of your room to see how the color may look in the room based on a digital outcome.  Technology is advancing to a point where you can save time and money by testing different colors digitally to decide which color you like best.

Final Thoughts
Painting doesn’t have to be a chore. Decorating your house is supposed to be a pleasing experience, especially for those who have purchased their own home for the first time. Consider your tastes and be sure to ask employees for advice, they can assist you in choosing the right color that works for you. With these tips you’ll have your home looking refreshed in no time at all.


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